Daniel Austin Green

Daniel is a senior fellow at Center for Civil Society, India`s leading market-liberal think tank, which advances social change through public policy. CCS works in education, livelihood issues, and policy training to promote choice and accountability across private and public sectors.
Previously Daniel was program director of Templeton Religion Trust in the Bahamas. Prior to that he was director of the Individual Freedom and Free Markets program at John Templeton Foundation, a position he held from 2011 through 2017. He led the foundation`s charitable giving in the areas of economic liberty, free markets, and individual freedom.
From 2006 until his move to John Templeton Foundation, Daniel was resident scholar and then fellow at Liberty Fund, where he worked with the educational conference program. He is an expert on corporate governance and intellectual property law and has several publications on those topics. He is a lawyer, certified public accountant, economist, theologian, and musician. Daniel has also served on the Antigua Forum Advisory Board.