Antigua Forum

This is an invitation-only gathering of individuals who believe in the power of human ingenuity and free enterprise to dramatically improve the well-being of people everywhere.

The Antigua Forum is a problem-solving event, where we combine experienced people, real-world projects, and an effective process to turn game-changing initiatives into concrete action plans. It gathers political leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts from around the world to work on projects that find real solutions to real problems.

At each event, participants from a wide range of backgrounds work in small groups, guided by trained facilitators, help project owners come up with concrete action plans. There are no lectures, just productive encounters. It uses a unique conference format—a process that applies the principles of markets and self-organization—to discover better ways to advance liberty, increase individual choice, and liberate people from government coercion.

Using the mindset of an entrepreneur, the Antigua Forum’s innovative process quickly harnesses participants’ knowledge to accelerate on-the-ground projects to come up with action plans that can start tomorrow.

The Antigua Forum’s unique mix of people, projects, and process is energizing and highly productive.