Arteteca UFM

This program aims to promote the ideas of freedom through art. To achieve this, four main areas are taken into account: preservation, restoration, cataloging, and dissemination of works by renowned artists that have been donated to UFM. One of the great bonuses of the program is the beautification of the campus resulting from the synergy between architecture, environmental conservation, and museography.

UFM owns a collection of art, writings, sketches, notes, didactic material on art and drawing, photographs, and catalogs of the Guatemalan artist Guillermo Grajeda Mena. The collection began with the donation made by the artist’s family, and is complemented by the transfer of copyright and reproduction rights that were also granted to the university by the master’s family. A sample of his work is exhibited in the lobby and on the mezzanine of the UFM Juan Bautista Gutiérrez auditorium. The gallery was inaugurated in 2017.

Other works created by artists such as Rudy Cotton and Guillermo Garavito, among others, and that make up the UFM Arteteca, show richness, variety, and visual beauty.