Explorations on History

In 2006, UFM launched this program with a dual objective: to create greater recognition for the increasing amount of historical-artistic heritage that UFM has received over the years, and, at the same time, use that heritage as a reminder for the need to focus historical studies on the actions of each person in the past.

With this, UFM strives to avoid the two leading schools in historiography: the one that focuses on important individuals (princes, military leaders, political leaders); and the other, more dominant line of historical studies, which focuses the masses, understood as “nations” or “social classes.” History is built by individuals, cooperating in society or confronting each other, with the similarities and differences between members of each community, but never as an amorphous mass.

One of Explorations on History’s most notable projects is Casa Popenoe, an 18th-century residence in Antigua Guatemala, and the Lienzo de Quauhquechollan, the digital reproduction of which is exhibited at UFM itself. There are other more low key but no less important projects such as the Stelae Way, which is comprised of a collection of reproductions of Mayan stelae, in some cases unique, due to the original having been lost, or the exhibition of private money, at the School of Business.