ITA scholarship program (Promoting Academic Talent)

For the neediest families, especially those living in marginal areas, the opportunity to send their children to school is virtually none existent. For those who do manage to complete studies to this level, the opportunity to attend university is out of reach. Thus, in 1996, the university’s scholarship program was founded, with the purpose of granting scholarships to talented and motivated young people, lacking the resources to obtain a degree from UFM.

 Since 1996, those in charge of the program have identified the most talented, most motivated, students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, giving them the opportunity to get all the help they need to earn a university degree.

Funds for the program come from private donations. The full scholarship covers tuition and fees, lodging, medical insurance, and a stipend for transportation, books, and personal expenses. The demand for the scholarship is high, but due to lack of funding, they are limited in number.

Upon graduation, ITA students become agents of change in their families, communities, and all of Guatemala.