Poverty Stoplight (Luces de Desarrollo)

Poverty Spotlight seeks to activate the potential of the individual to lift themselves out of poverty. It is a framework that helps individuals gain an awareness of their situation and encourages them to change it. It is both a tool and a methodology. It starts with a survey of fifty indicators in the six dimensions of multidimensional poverty: Income & Employment, Health & Environment, Housing & Infrastructure, Education & Culture, Organization & Participation and Interiority & Motivation. Families are able to self-diagnose their personal level of poverty in their local context at three levels: extreme poverty (red), poverty (yellow), and no poverty (green).

The original tool was created by Fundación Paraguaya and is now being adapted and used all around the world (e.g. the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, South Africa, and many others). The survey is done using a digital platform, online, or through an app. A trained mentor guides participants through the questionnaire and presents the results on completion, showing all the reds, yellows, and greens. With these results and the support of the mentor, participants prioritize the areas in which they want to improve.