Ludwig von Mises Library

The library was founded in 1971 and later baptized with this name, in honor of the illustrious Austrian economist, one of the most prominent liberal thinkers of the 20th century. It provides access to a large collection of physical and digital magazines and books, films, documents, and maps. It also offers a series of databases with unique, reliable, and up-to-date digital content.

It houses and preserves more than fifteen special collections donated to UFM, from important individuals in different areas of knowledge, among them the personal library of José Cecilio del Valle, a notable figure in Guatemalan independence.

There is also a preservation and conservation workshop, which is in charge of planning, establishing, and prioritizing the necessary measures for the care of the book, map, and document collections that belong to the library.

Currently, the library offers reading clubs, book and document preservation workshops, inductions to database management and digital files, exhibitions on various topics, cultural activities, and more.