Manuel F. Ayau Society

The decision to found UFM was prompted by the increased influence of socialism in academic circles. Thus, in 1971, when Manuel F. Ayau (Muso) and his friends founded UFM, they achieved something that few people had done, or even attempted before: they developed a new model for promoting classical liberal ideas in the world. With his great creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, Muso designed an institution that has evolved and transcended internationally.

Muso’s contribution to liberty is unmatched, taking into account the founding of the Center for Economic-Social Studies (CEES), in 1959, his numerous writings, which reflect his ability to communicate classical liberal thought, and the founding of UFM. Surely no one in Latin America has had such a profound impact.

The Manuel F. Ayau Society was established to honor his legacy. Funds raised in his memory are used to support two initiatives he was passionate about: the ITA scholarship program, which spreads the ideas of liberty among the country’s underprivileged, and the visiting professor program in economics.