In 2006, UFM created the map library, with the mission of conserving and preserving more than 880 antique maps, donated by great individuals. Some are hanging on the walls of the Ludwig von Mises Library while others have been placed in special folders, prepared by the preservation and conservation workshop staff.

The collection of José Cecilio del Valle contains more than 350 maps from the Atlas Universel de la Géographie, Physique, Politique, Statistique et Minéralogique by cartographer Phillippe Vandermaelen. There is also a first edition of the geographical map of South America, laid out and engraved by D. Juan de la Cruz Cano y Olmedilla, geographer, cartographer, engraver, and Spanish academic of the Enlightenment.

The collection donated by Samuel Bonis, an American geologist and volcanologist, includes more than 380 geological and geographic maps, mainly of Guatemala and Central America. In the Claudio Urrutia collection, we find documents, photographs, and maps on territorial points and on the creation of the Guatemala in relief map. Another valuable collection is that of Carlos W. Elmenhorst.

The oldest map in the library is Americae pars magis cognita, dated 1592, by cartographer Theodoro Bry.