Market Trends

Created in 2015, it seeks to analyze economic movements and especially those that occur in financial markets. Data is analyzed, preserving the core of the Austrian School of Economics, bringing it closer to a credit theory compatible with current financial practices. This same project is used for the analysis of high level, practical, economic and financial tools, not just academic ones.

UFM Market Trends takes the form of a newsletter that analyzes the economic and financial news of the cycle theory as liquidity degradation. This theory proposes that the role of financial intermediaries should balance future profit expectations of entrepreneurs with the risk and liquidity of savers.

Periodically, it publishes short-term reports, in which it analyses the most important world economic zones, looking for growth patterns. It analyses the United States, the Eurozone, and China, and present reports from Spain, Mexico, and Guatemala. Furthermore, it publishes short articles, analyzing current economic events. These reports have been mentioned on prestigious sites such as Reuters, Forbes, Libre Mercado, and Business Insider.