Muso Ayau Library

With the construction of this 4-story building at the heart of the campus UFM will ensure that future generations learn the legacy of Muso—the man whose spirit is the heart of UFM’s story.

UFM has been spreading the ethical, legal, and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons for more than 50 years. To celebrate such an important mission, they are building the Muso Ayau Library, in memory of the innovator, rebel, and first president of this university.

The project is for a four-story building in which spaces for reading and dialogue will converge, and where the ideas of freedom can take shape and be disseminated. The building is designed to encourage dialogue and seek solutions to today’s problems. Inside, a special space will be dedicated to Muso´s private library, which contains his books and writings, a source of inspiration for those who follow his ideas.

With Muso Ayau´s Library UFM intends to narrate their past, communicate their present, and keep their principles alive as embodied in the UFM mission.