Taking Freedom Global

In 2018, UFM received permission to open a campus in Madrid. As classes began in September 2018, UFM became the only Latin American university authorized to operate in Europe. It is located in one of the most popular countries for study abroad and one of the world’s most competitive academic markets for business administration and entrepreneurship.

As a foreign university operating in Spain, the opportunities to develop new educational products that address the importance of liberty in all its manifestations are immense.

We aim to make UFM Madrid a high-profile showcase for a disruptive and replicable education model, in which both learning process and content reflect the principles of individual freedom, free markets, and personal responsibility. We also aspire to become the European hub for all who promote these principles.

UFM Madrid is a chance to explore and evolve ways to reach new audiences and to be more effective in how we communicate ideas. It is also an opportunity to re-introduce classical liberalism into the educational culture of Europe. By offering young people a solid education that inspires them to seek a life of meaning grounded in individual liberty and responsibility, we aspire to forge a critical mass of thought leaders, in all spheres of life, who are committed to promoting and defending the values that sustain a free society.

How to Support

1. Create, organize, and market five degree and at least two non-degree educational products.

  • BA in entrepreneurship 2018
  • Master’s in economics 2018
  • BA in business administration 2019
  • Master’s in business administration (MBA) 2019
  • Acton MBA 2020
  • Shorter non-degree programs that include summer and semester abroad programs 2019

2. Hold five high-profile events that will attract a wide audience (age, interests, professions, influence), open new audiences to the ideas that underlie a free society, and stimulate media attention.

3. Establish a free-market research center

  • Applies free-market economic theories and principles as tools to analyze current events in language accessible to an educated general public
  • Provides students and future academics with an active learning experience that relates to their academic program and intellectual interests
  • Serves as a catalyst for innovative financial research and educational initiatives that will positively impact policy and society
  • Creates incentives for top-notch scholars, both students and established researchers, to undertake innovative research that will lead to improved policy making and financial regulation.

4. Create a fellows program to support all of the above by bringing international talent to participate in educational programs, research projects, and events.

For more information on how you can support the UFM Madrid project, please contact Nina Rasch at nina@foufm.org.